Handmade and Bespoke

Not all our ranges are handmade and can be altered but many can, so if in doubt please ask for Ian or Tony and they will soon be able to point you in the right direction.

We don’t recover furniture here at Upholstery Designs but we can recommend a couple of Upholsterers who do.

If you are looking for a sofa but can’t find what you want, pop and have a chat with us. If we can’t do it, we’ll probably know some who can!

Handmade and Bespoke Ranges

At Upholstery Designs, the world is the customer’s oyster. Many of our ranges are handmade. This means that not only do you get an affordable quality sofa you can also have it made to fit your circumstances. Bad back? long legs? Small room? Speak to our upholsterers and they will be able to guide you and advise what options are available.

To see a small example of our made to measure range please see the gallery page.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer choice, most of our ranges have plenty of fabrics to choose from whether you are looking for a grey sofa or a bright stripy one. We have fabrics that are cleaneable with water, along with leathers, velvets and chenilles.

Our philosophy

Ian Blowman of Upholstery Designs says: “You want the perfect piece of furniture, and we want to provide it. Tell us what’s wrong with it and we’ll put it right. Whether its the colour of the feet or the depth of the seat. We can often even change the filling of the cushions. We’ll help you try different sofas until we determine all the elements that will make your ideal sofa. Why not come and visit us to see what we can do for you?”

Our expertise means we can offer a high-quality bespoke service to our customers, adapting furniture to suit different heights, sizes, needs and preferences.

Going to extra lenghts

The request: One of our customers had had a motorcycle accident and wanted a sofa that provided just the right support. His wife also wanted an extra-long sofa. We had a sofa they liked … but it didn’t quite fit the bill.

The solution: We had the sofa extended to make it longer. We then adapted the style to make it more upright therefore offering better support. The seat was also made shorter from front to back, which also helped the gentleman to feel comfortable when sitting or rising from the sofa.

The height of taste

The request: One of our sofas was just right for a customer – except for the seat cushions, which she didn’t like. And if only the sofa could be a little higher!

The solution: Simple – we changed the seat cushions to ones she did like, increased the height by two inches, and made a couple of other requested tweaks to the finish. Happy customer!

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